5 Star Facilities Concentrated Catering Sanitiser 1 Litre



5 Star Facilities Concentrated Catering Sanitiser. Dosing bottle. 1 litre.

  • Effective against most common forms of bacteria including MRSA, making it ideal for use in kitchens, food preparation areas, hospitals and nursing homes
  • Shake before use
  • For dilution, wear protective gloves
  • For general purpose cleaning, dilute 1 part to 30 parts water
  • Spray or wipe solution onto the surface, allow a few seconds to react and wipe clean with a damp cloth
  • Dosing bottle
  • 1 Litre

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Type Cleaning Fluids
Manufacturer Spicers
Brand 5 Star
Application Kitchen Cleaner
Pack Size 1 Litre
Form Liquid

£7.65 exc VAT

£11.77 exc VAT