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Shredding paper-based documents can help companies to meet GDPR requirements by providing an effective way of disposing of data securely to prevent access by third parties. The GDPR is concerned with personal data handled by organisations in both electronic and physical formats, such as paper documents. If you fail to ensure proper procedures are taken to secure hardcopy documents, you pose a high risk to your businesses. This is because under the GDPR you are liable if a data breach leads to an individual’s information being stolen.


Our mobile shredding truck will visit your home or premises. On arrival our vetted and uniformed operatives will remove your confidential waste to the truck and shred it IMMEDIATELY. The shredding will then be taken for recycling. A certificate of destruction is issued as soon as the shredding has been completed along with your waste transfer note.

If you require Hard Drive, Media, Lever-arch, uniform or X-ray shredding please complete the shredding enquiry form.


Our security truck will visit your home or premises. On arrival our vetted and uniformed operative will remove your confidential waste and transport it to one of our local secure shredding facilities where the information is shredded in accordance to BS EN15713:2009. A certificate of destruction will be issued on completion of your shred.

If you require Hard Drive, Media, Lever-arch, uniform or X-ray shredding please complete the shredding enquiry form.


Contact our shredding specialist Shelagh Bonnichon on 020 8853 0008 for a quotation tailored to your company's needs or please fill out the form to the right for an immediate response

  • Frequently Asked Questions »

    What information will you require from me?

    We offer a Nationwide Service, we will ask for your postcode, the quantity of confidential waste you have to shred, how it is currently stored and if you require off-site or mobile shredding.

    Do not worry if you don’t have all the answers or require some guidance because that is what we are here for. We are just in a better position to book in a service if we have this information.

    What can I shred?

    We can shred paper (with paper clips, staples and in plastic wallets) within the standard prices. Uniforms and media can be shred at extra cost, please contact us.

    My paper work is in Lever Arch files or Transfer Files can these be shredded?

    We can shred the Lever Arch at extra cost, please contact us for a quotation.

    Manilla Spring or transfer files are shredded at no extra cost.

    How long will I be waiting for the service to take place?

    Typical response time is within a few days, we will be pleased to assist to ensure a convenient date.

    Our Other Destruction Services:

    We have over 100 years combined confidential shredding and recycling experience. If you have any unusual or bespoke shredding requirement then please contact us and we will be happy to help.

    Data Destruction

    In addition to our core document shredding services, we provide a range of data destruction services including media shredding, such as CD’s, videos, back-up tapes, USB sticks and hard disk drives . To ensure the secure destruction of any data held on your company’s disused items, we will carry out heavy duty shredding which removes any risk of the data being retrievable at a later date.

    Uniform Shredding

    Choose Office Plus to dispose of your redundant uniforms via our uniform shredding service. The only way to guarantee that your logo doesn’t end up somewhere it shouldn’t be is for uniform shredding which renders any item unusable. Uniform shredding is done via our off-site process. The uniform would be collected and taken back to our secure depot to be shredded. Once uniform shredding has been completed, if we receive significant quantities, then this can be recycled back into product such as headlining in cars etc. Should you have products that are not uniform then we can still shred these. Examples of product previously shredded have included teddy bears, counterfeit hand bags and shoes! Anything that you wouldn’t want on the black market can be securely shredded.